Hydro One

Since June 1, 2020, customers on Time-of-Use (TOU) paid a fixed electricity price of   12.8 ¢/kWh for all hours of the day (the COVID-19 Recovery Rate) which the Government of Ontario put in place as part of its relief response. As this fixed rate ended on October 31, 2020, customers on TOU pricing will have a choice to remain on TOU (in which case no action is required) or to switch to Tiered pricing. There’s no deadline to make the switch. In addition, you’ll have the flexibility to request a switch back at any time, as your needs change.

To find out which plan is best for you, log into your account or grab your latest electricity statement and head to https://www.hydroonechoice.ca/Home/Calculator.  By entering a few numbers from your statement, the calculator will determine which plan is the best for you and your family.

If it is determined that it is beneficial to make the switch, the request can be made through your account or go to https://www.hydroonechoice.ca/.

If you have any questions, Hydro One Agents are also available at 1-888-664-9376 to discuss and help you make the best choice.

Source: HydroOne.com

Selling Your Home in the Winter

Although it is easiest to sell your home in the Spring and Summer, it can successfully be done in the Fall and Winter as well.  Below are a few tips on how to prepare yourself, and your home.


If it’s snowy, keep the deck shoveled and salted so buyers can walk outside to experience the space.


Retract blinds, and widen curtains, so there’s minimal window coverage. The windows will look bigger, and it’ll encourage daylight to flow into your space. Remove screens from the windows to allow more natural light to flow into your home, and clean the windows. Be sure to let potential buyers know you will replace the screens.

Deep Clean

Clean inside the cabinet beneath your sinks.  Make shower heads look like new.  Dust ceiling fan blades and the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine. Don’t forget all the nooks and crannies in the kitchen.

Seasonal Decor

Both in your listing photos and in real life during showings, keep the seasonal decor at bay while you’re trying to sell. No one expects a home to completely lack holiday decorations during these months, but simplicity is appealing. Opt for modest, neutral accessories — think white string lights or a Christmas tree that truly flatters the space.

Visit hgtv.com for a more extensive list and give me a call.  I can walk you through what potential Buyers will be looking for and how you can set yourself up for a quick sale.